Month: March 2013

Do As I Say… – Part 5 of our Rise of the Nones sermon series

Next week we end the Lenten fast and with it our sermon series, “Rise of the Nones.” Over the past four weeks, we have been exploring objections to the Christian faith, which has led to the increase in the number of people… Read More

Red State or Blue State? – Part 4 of our Rise of the Nones sermon series

Our sermon series, Rise of the Nones, is exploring outside objections to our faith. As the church’s place in American social life continues to change, so are people’s perceptions of faith and I think we are finding out that we are far… Read More

Multiple Choice Christianity – Part 3 of our Rise of the None series

As a kid, I watched a lot of The Brady Bunch.  My sister Karen and I would often sit in front of the TV, legs criss-crossed while following the adventures of the Brady clan.  It would come on every afternoon around 4… Read More

1 Vs. 99 – Part 2 of our Rise of the Nones series

Have you ever lost your child or as a kid been lost? About a month ago, Cassie and I were waiting for Emma at the bus stop.  It was one of the rare days she was riding the bus home from school… Read More