Month: April 2013

Dunking Donuts – Part 4 of our Deconstructing Worship Sermon Series

How do you like to eat your donuts? Are you a dunker?  Do you like it with milk or coffee?  Me, I’m an “as is” kind of guy.  I like to experience my donuts without other flavors impacting the “donut experience.”  I… Read More

Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone… – Part 3 of our Deconstructing Worship Sermon Series

Gather, receive, respond, and go.  This is the primary pattern of worship we use in the church today.  As we continue to work through the deconstruction of worship in our sermon series, we’ve already talked about the order of worship and the… Read More

Who Invited Whom? – Part 2 of our Deconstructing Worship sermon series

Today we’re continuing our sermon series on Deconstructing Worship. We come to worship every Sunday or every other Sunday or at least twice a year and we follow basically the same order of worship week after week after week.  We change the… Read More

Why is it contemporary vs. traditional? Why is it “vs.” anything?

Worship is a highly personal experience and I believe touches us all in different ways.  The thing we have to caution ourselves against is condemning other styles of worship.  If a worship service doesn’t honor God, if worship is about entertainment and… Read More

Is There an Order to Worship? – Part 1 of our Deconstructing Worship sermon series

What is “proper” worship? Over the years, I’ve read lots of articles and blogs on the subject.  I’ve read books and listened to sermons and the only thing for sure I can tell you is that everyone has an opinion about it. … Read More

Seeing is Believing – Part 6 of our Rise of the Nones sermon series

How many of you took a shower this morning? Raise your hand if you took a shower either this morning or last night.  How many of you brushed your teeth?  How many of you put on clothes this morning?  No matter what… Read More