Month: August 2013

Thirty Good Years – Part 3 of our “have a little faith” sermon series

Being successful in the world takes one key ingredient. Talent?  Yes, talent helps, but talent alone will get you only so far.  We all know of talented people who don’t end up being successful.  So is it status, money, luck, opportunity?  Well… Read More

Whatever Happened to “Thank You?” – Part 2 in our “have a little faith” sermon series

If I said, I have a surefire way of making you 10-25% happier with your life would you do it?[1] As long as it didn’t harm you or harm anyone around you and it wasn’t illegal, would you do it?  The key… Read More

Mustard Seeds – Part 1 of 3 in our sermon series “have a little faith”

Today we begin a three-part sermon series based on the book have a little faith by Mitch Albom. In our series we’re going to explore some of the deep issues surrounding faith and our perceptions of it.  This is important because how… Read More

Maybe He’s Right Here… – Part 3 of The Final Frontier sermon series

Have you ever heard of Bobbie the Wonder Dog?[1] Bobbie was a mixed breed collie who hailed from the state of Oregon back in 1923.  He lived with his people, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brazier and their two daughters, Nova and Leona. … Read More