Month: November 2013

Humble Pie…A New Thanksgiving Dessert? – Part 4 in our sermon series on King David

In a few days, I’ll be eating a tremendous meal at Cassie’s grandparents house. I look forward to it every time.  Every Thanksgiving, they have this AMAZING spread of food.  Turkey, dressing, potatoes, warm rolls, soft butter, sweet potato casserole, and about… Read More

Murderer and Adulterer … A Man After God’s Own Heart? – Part 3 of our sermon series on King David

My mom used to tell me, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The truth is I was a little bit smart-mouthed as a kid.  And even though technically I would comply with whatever my mom was asking me… Read More

Slingshot 2.0 – Part 2 of our sermon series on King David

Sometimes the most successful people in the world are those willing to do things differently. Different isn’t always popular.  Different can be risky.  Different means going against the status quo.  But it also means looking at the same problem in a new… Read More

King David and the Story of the Magic Mushroom – Part 1 of our sermon series on King David

My dad’s favorite shirt of all time was his magic mushroom shirt. My dad wasn’t into drugs or drug culture or anything like that.  He simply liked this shirt.  It was a purple tank top with this really big mushroom in the… Read More