Month: March 2014

Giving UP Time: Who’s Cheating Who? – Part 3 of our Lenten sermon series

For those of you not in worship, I actually changed the beginning of the sermon and started with this example which is shown on video here. We talked after the video about how the priorities in our lives get pushed out by… Read More

Giving UP Money: The Wall of STUFF – Part 2 of our Lenten sermon series

I don’t normally watch CSI, but there was this one episode about a woman who collected STUFF. She suffered from a condition called disposophobia or compulsive hoarding, and at the end of the episode, two of the characters, Ray and Nick, are… Read More

Giving UP Giving: The Long Game – Part 1 in our Giving UP Sermon Series

Let me share with you the true story of a guy named Sampson. Sampson wanted to be the “Clinton of Illinois” and set his sights on winning a Senate seat.  No one thought him a likely candidate.  But he had a lot… Read More

Shh…Don’t Tell Anybody I’m A Christian – Ash Wednesday Worship

Jerry Seinfeld on the Silver Medal Jerry Seinfeld was on The Tonight Show the other day. He was one of Jimmy Fallon’s first week celebrity guests and he did this bit with Jimmy about the Olympics.  He said, “I think I’d almost… Read More

Plus It! – Changing How We Look at Lent

What if Lent wasn’t just about what we gave up but how we increased our giving to Christ?  This morning, our Bible reading comes from Luke 6:27-36. This is a passage that encompasses the radical love Jesus exhibited for us all and… Read More