Month: August 2015

Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Part 1 of our new sermon series on Methodism and other Christian religions titled “My Slice of Christianity” inspired by Adam Hamilton’s Christianity’s Family Tree 23,000,000 people can’t be wrong! Or can they? Roughly, that’s how many Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons there… Read More

To Roller Skate or Not to Roller Skate…

I knew I could make it down the hill. I was headed to a friend’s house after school one day and had brought my roller skates. They had side-by-side big orange wheels, not the inline type of roller skates, and they had… Read More

Zappos and God

What would it look like if the animals ran the zoo? That’s the image that came to mind the first time I heard about Zappos’ new way of running their business. It’s called a holacracy and it sounds pretty strange. Zappos is… Read More

Snoring and Other Introspections

I do not snore. I do NOT snore. Cassie says I snore, but I do not. Emma says I snore loud enough to wake the dead, but I do not. I’m just not the kind of person who snores. We all KNOW… Read More