The Most Controversial Topic of All Time

As I was researching the sermon for last week, this topic came to me and I just felt compelled to share it and get your thoughts.  Possible the most controversial topic I’ve ever written on, I’m expecting many different opinions all with reasonable responses.  So what is this topic?  Evolution vs. Creation? Trump vs. Clinton? The Designated Hitter?  Nope.  The most controversial topic of all … Continue reading The Most Controversial Topic of All Time

Help! – The Theology of The Beatles

When I’m writing a sermon, I get lots of ideas that end up in the trashcan.  Maybe one day I’ll be ambitious and do a “director’s cut” of a sermon.  But one of the ideas I didn’t get a chance to flesh out was about the song “Help!” by The Beatles.  In fact, the title of the sermon was originally inspired by that song.  The … Continue reading Help! – The Theology of The Beatles

Craig’s Kitchen – Spam Musubi

Spam musubi is one of those dishes that once in a while I simply crave.  If you’ve been to our home for our holiday open house or to one of our Bible studies, I’ve probably made it for you.  If you haven’t, its all the more reason to come!  Spam musubi is a great, easy-to-make appetizer for any church potluck, family get-together, holiday gathering, or … Continue reading Craig’s Kitchen – Spam Musubi

Everything Happens for a Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” You’ve probably heard that saying before. You might have even said it yourself. Usually when something sad or tragic happens, people say these words to help comfort those who have lost someone or something important. “Everything happens for a reason.” We say it because it gives us comfort to think that this tragedy was somehow important or necessary. That there … Continue reading Everything Happens for a Reason

What Half Truths Do You Believe In? (book review)

“God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “God helps those who help themselves.” Have you ever heard these sayings?  Perhaps you’ve said them yourself.  If you have I understand.  They sound thoughtful, insightful, or inspirational – but in reality they do a lot more harm than good.  Lots of familiar sayings that Christians throw around are not at … Continue reading What Half Truths Do You Believe In? (book review)