Month: October 2016

Vote for Jesus! – The West Wing Series pt. 3

I call them “The Twelve.” When I ran for Social Chair of my dorm at UCLA, 12 people voted against me. Considering there were over 1,000 residents, you might think that was pretty good. Except for the fact that I ran uncontested…. Read More

The Heart of the Matter – The West Wing Sermons pt. 2

I was a homophobe. I am embarrassed about it, but I admit it. Truth is, I didn’t even think I was. My philosophy had always been, “whatever people do on their own time is their own business.” But that wasn’t completely true…. Read More

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – The West Wing Series pt. 1

I wanted to live in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Who wouldn’t? Specifically, I wanted a house like his. I loved “Picture Picture.” I loved Trolley. I loved that awesome stoplight he had in his house. I still want one. It just seemed like… Read More

Where Are We Going?

Just to let you know, this sermon was more directed and personal than most sermons I give.  Our church is at a crossroads and I felt God leading me to share this word to challenge the folks at our church to move… Read More

Don’t Buy This Book! – The Stream by James Robison

As a blogger and reviewer, I sometimes get books sent to me for review or as a gift in the hopes that I will recommend it to someone else.  I received The Stream by James Robison in the mail and I cannot… Read More