Month: November 2016

Atheists Are People, Too – Part 1 of our A Reason to Believe series

Do you believe that Jesus has made a difference in your life? I’m totally going to leave that hanging out there while I tell you this story. When I first moved to Atlanta, I was desperate to find Rosarita refried beans. They… Read More


Our sermon this week focuses a great deal on the church I currently serve, but I hope that if you belong to a group of people who are looking for a way to grow in vitality that this will resonate with you…. Read More


I used to love Autopia. As a kid, it was one of the rides I always wanted to go on when we went to Disneyland. It seemed kind of odd even back then that it was in Tomorrowland, but I guess for… Read More

Come To The Table – The West Wing Sermons pt. 4

This story is not new. There are two sides. Your side. And their side. Your side is right. Their side is wrong. You wonder to yourself why they believe what they believe. It just doesn’t make any sense. And it’s hard not… Read More