Month: December 2016

“Hello, My Name Is Jesus”

It was the nametag. The first time I put on my nametag at Disneyland was when I believed I actually had a job at the Happiest Place on Earth. Up until then, it didn’t seem quite real. To be sure, I went… Read More

Top 5 Favorite Bibles

I collect Bibles.  Not that I collect EVERY Bible (mostly because I have this thing about not ever throwing away a Bible), but when I find one I really like, I either buy it for myself or give it away as a… Read More

The Unreliable Bible

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I never get tired of seeing those words. When they flashed on the screen during Rogue One immediately there was a sense of coming home. That opening line has become as iconic… Read More

Where Do Babies Come From? – Part 3 of our A Reason to Believe series

Where do babies come from? I never heard the stork story. I guess my parents figured I would see through it too quickly or that it would only prompt more questions they weren’t ready to answer. I never heard the story about… Read More

Chocolate, Wine, and Bacon – Part 2 of our A Reason to Believe series

Our sermon series this month is inspired by Andy Stanley’s series called “Who Needs God?”  I was so moved and excited by it, I felt like some of his key points needed to be shared with others.  I hope you’ll follow us… Read More