Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland 2017 – Happiness

What are the keys to Disney’s success?  Is it how they manage the bottom line?  No.  Is it how they cut costs?  No.  Is it by doing things on the cheap?  No.  The key to Disney’s success is its singular focus on one thing – making you happy.


Seriously.  They focus on their core belief of “We create happiness” and trust that by staying faithful to this vision everything else will fall in place.  Join us as we explore how to take this central tenet of the Disney theme parks and apply it to how we do church.

Our first Faith and Family Trip in 2011
Our first Faith and Family Trip in 2011

This February, we will be headed to Disneyland for our sixth Faith and Family Trip! I hope as many of you can join us as possible. If we are so blessed to have more than 25 people go, I will put a cap on attendance so it will be as enjoyable as possible. So sign up early and let me know if you’ll be going. Here are the details:

  • Date and Time: Sunday, 2/19/17 from 7:30am to 5pm (after that you are free to do whatever you want!)
  • Cost: $40 per person + theme park ticket ($119/adult; $113/child (3-9))
    • Cost includes t-shirt, lunch, snack, and prizes for the group
  • What to Expect: Attractions in the morning, lunch and a tour in the afternoon, and a fun group activity for prizes!

We will meet at La Brea Bakery outside of the main gate as you exit the trams from the parking structure.  There we will pray together, pass out shirts if you don’t have them already, go over the itinerary so everyone knows what’s going on, and then head in to Disneyland!  We’ll go on some rides in the morning, have lunch together (where TBD depending on number of people), take a tour emphasizing our theme of happiness by a former cast member – me!  And then have a snack and do a fun group activity together for prizes.  In the past, we’ve done a cool scavenger hunt throughout the park in teams and the winning team would get a nice prize.

It will be FUN! And hopefully you’ll walk away with a different perspective on church.  My hope is to integrate best practices in business and apply them to how we can be more effective for Christ. I’ve led this trip five times before and each time has been a blast.  We focus on a theme and explore it together.  In the past we’ve done hospitality, failure, and change and this trip will be focused on happiness! Or more specifically, staying true to your core beliefs and having faith in them.

We hope to see you there!  Contact me for questions or more information.

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