Good Men Do Nothing

What happened in Charlottesville was a tragedy.[1] An act of brutal violence took the life of Heather Heyer, an innocent woman who was in Charlottesville, VA to protest against the hate-filled speech and actions of white nationalist and white supremacist groups in Emancipation Park. While marching in the streets, a man drove through Heather and her fellow counter-protesters with a car speeding down a narrow … Continue reading Good Men Do Nothing

Why Chris Tomlin’s “Home” Is Dangerous

I love Chris Tomlin’s music. But this song worried me.  Not because it wasn’t beautiful, because it is.  Not because musically it wasn’t well done, because it was.  Not because Tomlin has lost a step, because if anything he is as good now as he has ever been.  It’s the ambiguous message of the song that bothers me. I believe in this amazing place waiting … Continue reading Why Chris Tomlin’s “Home” Is Dangerous