Month: October 2017

Why Come?

Why come to church? There really isn’t any need to anymore. If you want to sing songs about God, there’s great stuff you can download to your iPhone. You can watch videos for free on YouTube. Or if you want to go… Read More

Why Pray?

Why pray? I mean it never seems to work right? The other day, I prayed for a million dollars but I didn’t get it. When I was young, I prayed about being a doctor. I said “doctor” not “pastor.” That one didn’t… Read More

The Hardest Word

There was no way I was going to apologize. I was in high school and my 10th grade Honors English class was about to start. This year we had Mr. Cox, by all accounts a fine man with a reputation for being… Read More

Two Words To A Better Life

Three steps to a better YOU! Five ways to make broccoli fun! Ten movies we can’t wait to see! Everybody’s got a list. Everybody wants to make you a better person, help you to lead a better life. Well, I’ve got a… Read More

Please Read This Sermon

Please read this sermon. If you have to start out a blog post with those words, you’re probably already in trouble. If you have to appeal to someone’s grace and mercy to read or listen to the Word of God, you have… Read More