Upside Down Thinking In A Right-Side Up World

“Beatrice Zinker always did her best thinking upside down.” When I read those words, I knew it was going to be a very good book. As the creator of Disney Nerds, I often get the opportunity to review books published by and about Disney before they ever hit the shelves. And as much as I love reading, it’s one of the very best perks about … Continue reading Upside Down Thinking In A Right-Side Up World

Why Witness? – And What’s “Witnessing” Anyway?

Lawry’s Prime Rib – the BEST prime rib on the planet. The bad thing about finding the best of anything is that if you try it somewhere else, it’s always a letdown. The best theme park (Disneyland), the best TV show (Sports Night), the best Star Wars novel (Thrawn) – no matter what it is and how much you enjoy it, you’ve hit the pinnacle … Continue reading Why Witness? – And What’s “Witnessing” Anyway?

Why Serve?

Another week, another mass shooting. It’s gotten so commonplace that something as shocking as the death of 26 people this week at a church service in Sutherland Springs seems almost normal. Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida; earthquakes in Mexico; wildfires in Santa Rosa; violence in Charlottesville; and another mass shooting in Las Vegas. And that’s only in the past 3 months. Tragedy upon … Continue reading Why Serve?