Month: January 2018

Life IS Pain! Anyone Who Says Differently Is Selling Something (part 2 of The Princess Bride series)

“Life IS Pain! …Anyone who says differently is selling something.” That is the Dread Pirate Roberts’ famous line from The Princess Bride and one that has always stuck in my brain.  I guess because I hope it’s not true, but realize deep… Read More

Inconceivable! (part 1 of The Princess Bride series)

The greatest movie ever. Not Star Wars. Not The Avengers. Not Snow White. The Princess Bride. No finer movie has ever been made.  When it came out, it was ranked… #41, right above Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise.  Even… Read More

Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland 2018 – Hospitality

What is hospitality? Jesus talked about it and practiced it, but are we doing a good job of it in our churches and personal life?  What lessons can we learn from the absolute master of hospitality – Disneyland!  Come and find out… Read More