FAQ for Faith and Family Trip 2019

Got Questions?

Our Faith and Family Trip is a TON of fun for everyone who attends.  Most people go multiple times if they’ve gone once.  I hope you’ll experience it for yourself to find out!  Here are some commonly asked questions (and anticipated questions):

Can I go if I’m an older person? – Of course! Everything we do is geared toward full participation.  If any attraction is too wild for you, it is not necessary to ride it to experience the joy of being together or to develop our faith together.  There are also wheelchair and ECV options at the park.

Can my friends go? – Most definitely!  Invite everyone you can!  You don’t have to be a member of our church or even a Christian to enjoy our time together.  In fact, this is a wonderful invitational opportunity to connect people to faith without being overbearing.

I thought we were taking a bus? – Transportation always depends on the number of people attending and a bus only makes sense for about 40-50 people.  Since we aren’t planning on that many attending this first trip, we decided to ask everyone to provide their own transportation.  Minister Chai will be driving a van down to Disneyland and back for any youth who would like to attend who are not going with parents or guardians.

Will the cost pay for admission? – No, the cost does not pay for admission.  Cost for the trip covers a LOT though.  Your $60 pays for dinner the night before, lunch during our time together, a snack in the Park, a t-shirt, a small souvenir and prizes for our scavenger hunt winner!  You may want to bring extra money for extra souvenirs and other things you may wish to purchase on your own.

Will there be any free time in the Park? – Yes! Our day together will end before dinner and we will have an optional dinner together that evening, but if you’d prefer to just grab something quick and run around the Park, you are more than welcome to do that.  You’ll have about 6 hours of free time to close out the day.

What kind of ticket should I purchase? – If you’re coming for just the Faith and Family Trip day, you’ll only need a one-day, one-park pass.  It’s not worth it to buy a park hopper for the day we are spending together.  You best maximize your time in just one park.  If you’re coming a day early or staying a day late a multi-day pass might make the most sense. If you have any questions, just ask!

If you need hotel recommendations, places to visit while in LA, or any other information, just feel free to contact me!  I’ll be happy to answer anything and will add those questions to our list.

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