About This Blog

One of our church trips to Disneyland to talk about faith, family, and the church!

Primarily, this blog was written with YOU in mind – the person seeking to find faith in a world that offers many tempting (but to me ultimately less fulfilling) choices.  With the world telling us “What’s Important” I think we tend to forget what really IS important.  God, Jesus, our family and friends, love.  We get so focused on what everyone ELSE tells us we should concentrate on that we forget about the rest.  I hope that reading this blog will help you remember.

At a retreat I was at, our featured speaker, Marlon Hall, challenged us to come up with a four-word poem that described our “why.”  Why did we do what we do?  This was my four-word poem – finding God in everything.

For me this is a passion.  Because when you can see how God is working in your life, you realize that the immense love that God has for you.  When you recognize that God is on this journey WITH you, you can face the trials and tribulations of life in a different way.  When you dig behind the two-penny shallow sayings about God and realize that God is way more than a bumper sticker, you can accept God into your heart unafraid.  And your life will change for the better.

Peace and Blessings,


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