So often we forget what is truly important.

In our hectic, everyday lives, we are concentrating on moving minute-to-minute.  Who has time to look at the big picture?  Well, we should make time.  All of us.  When we get so wrapped up in the minutiae of our lives, we not only lose sight of what is important, but we sometimes lose what’s important – our family, our spouse, our job, or our children.  If we are particularly neglectful, we could lose some or all of them.

01 bunny
Is God the fluffy bunny in your life? Or is God your Lord and Savior and why is that important?

Unfortunately, God falls into this category.  In many ways, we take God for granted.  We treat God as an insurance policy in our lives when we should be placing God front and center.  We follow our own path in life instead of listening to where God is leading us.  Which way of living do you think would produce a better life?  Me, too.

I hope you’ll follow through all of our sermons in this series as we explore how to make God the Focus of our lives.

  • Jesus is Like A Fluffy Bunny – Do you have an image of Jesus in your mind?  Is it the reality of Jesus or the Jesus we’ve create?  Too often we “create” the Jesus we want instead of loving the Jesus we have – who by the way is far better than anything we can make up.  Stop making Jesus your “Get Out of Jail Free” insurance policy and start making Christ the head of your life.
  • No Room – Are you making room in your life for Christ?  Our lives are often rigid.  Our schedules are rigid, our thinking is rigid, our beliefs are rigid.  We don’t leave room for the unexpected.  And we like it that way!  But often it’s in the unexpected that God works the most.  Can you make room for the unexpected?  Can you allow for new ideas and new ways of thinking and new people to enter your life?  You just might be surprised at what God has in store for you.  Find out more about making room for God.
  • Still Small Voice – Are you listening?  Or do you spend most of your life “hearing” instead?  Perhaps we should ponder Stephen Covey’s words, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  What can we do to truly listen to others and most importantly to God?  Find out as you read our sermon.
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