Why Serve?

Another week, another mass shooting. It’s gotten so commonplace that something as shocking as the death of 26 people this week at a church service in Sutherland Springs seems almost normal. Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida; earthquakes in Mexico; wildfires in Santa Rosa; violence in Charlottesville; and another mass shooting in Las Vegas. And that’s only in the past 3 months. Tragedy upon … Continue reading Why Serve?

Why Pray?

Why pray? I mean it never seems to work right? The other day, I prayed for a million dollars but I didn’t get it. When I was young, I prayed about being a doctor. I said “doctor” not “pastor.” That one didn’t come out as expected. However, my prayer about the Dodgers making the World Series seems to have worked out pretty good. Batting .333 … Continue reading Why Pray?