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Manna from Heaven, part 4 of 4 in our “The Pastor Is In” sermon series

Sermon Disclaimer: This sermon was given to our churches as we are about to come together for worship and face the challenges of two separate congregations sharing one space.  Hopefully, though, this sermon will inspire you to turn to God always in your valleys….

Most Humble Man – part 3 of 4 in our sermon series “The Pastor Is In”

“I am the most humble man I know. There is no one more humble than me.” Could you imagine anyone really saying that? Taking pride in your humility is the opposite of what each of those words mean. Pride is the opposite of humility….

Loose Lips Sink Ships part 2 of 4 in our sermon series The Pastor Is In

Can the flapping of a butterfly’s wings cause a tornado? According to chaos theory, it can. That’s the hypothesis behind the “Butterfly Effect,” that small changes in one place can bring about large changes somewhere else. Edward Lorenz coined the term. He was a…

Shake Out the Blanket – Part 1 of our 4-part “The Pastor Is In” sermon series

Doing our children’s moment we talked about Despicable Me and how Margo had to be willing to let go and trust in Gru and how sometimes we need to let go of our hurt and fear and frustration to trust in God that things…