Is Michael Jordan A Failure?

How can failure make you great? Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.  There are others you might elevate to that lofty position –Lebron, Magic, or Kobe come to mind among many, but it would be hard to elevate any of them over Michael.  He led his team to six world championships and a world record 72-game winning season.  He has … Continue reading Is Michael Jordan A Failure?

The Downfall of John Kreese (part 4 of The True Face of Evil)

“Sweep the leg.” Johnny hears those words and fear creeps into his eyes as his sensei orders him what to do next.  As if sensing his student’s fear, Kreese looks at Johnny and says, “You have a problem with that?” And Johnny, dumbfounded, simply responds, “No, sensei.”  Reinforcing his order, Kreese follows up with, “No mercy,” and sends Johnny back onto the mat.  Even if … Continue reading The Downfall of John Kreese (part 4 of The True Face of Evil)

The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sometimes you find the best ingredients in unexpected places. I love chocolate chip cookies.  You can tell because I think this is the third time I’ve opened a sermon with a story about chocolate chip cookies.  The mix of brown sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate chips makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  And I had been content making my Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip … Continue reading The Chocolate Chip Cookie

The 12 Days of Christmas

Everything you know about Christmas is wrong! Okay, not EVERYTHING.  But it’s astounding how much information about the most famous Christian holiday of the year has been lost to “tradition” by Christians.  Like the fact that December 25th is not likely to be Jesus’ actual birthday.  Especially if he was born outdoors. And although most nativity scenes show Jesus born in some kind of barn … Continue reading The 12 Days of Christmas