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Keto Craig’s Campaign Continues

The journey to 236 is on the way… My keto journey started on November 4, 2021. I remember the date clearly because I had gone on a carb binge the week before, wanting one last taste of those things I love before giving them… Continue Reading “Keto Craig’s Campaign Continues”

Craig’s Kitchen: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Quick, simple, and easy to make in about an hour! Too many recipes SAY that’s the case, but this one really is. It’s also more like assembling a robot than actual cooking. You’ll see what I mean. This tasty dish is simple but delicious… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Chicken Enchilada Casserole”

Craig’s Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies

The smell of these alone will make your saliva glands start to flow! The rich, chocolate goodness melts in your mouth. The brown sugar batter dances around on the tip of your tongue. And as you bite into each cookie, the buttery flavor swirls… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies”

In Search of the Perfect Doughnut

A pillow of sugary softness. That’s what donuts are like for me. If they are done right, they are soft, not greasy, with just the right amount of icing / frosting, and if they have filling, it is enough for you to have some… Continue Reading “In Search of the Perfect Doughnut”

Craig’s Kitchen: Fried WonTons

A New Year’s family favorite. Seems weird to have fried wontons be a New Year’s family favorite in a family of Japanese heritage, but it’s been a staple in our home since I was a little kid. You know how at family get-togethers you… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Fried WonTons”

Craig’s Kitchen: Mom’s Tagliarini Casserole

At some point, it must have called for tagliarini pasta. Tagliarini is the name for “egg noodles cut in long, flat, slender pieces, narrower than tagliatelle.” That’s the definition I found online at I had to look it up because I wondered where… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Mom’s Tagliarini Casserole”

Craig’s Kitchen: Mochiko Chicken (Japanese Chicken Nuggets)

Flavor comes in bite-sized nuggets. Chicken nuggets to be precise. Japanese chicken nuggets. I loved these savory bites of goodness for a long time but never knew how to make them until I started to serve at United Japanese Christian Church in Clovis, CA.… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Mochiko Chicken (Japanese Chicken Nuggets)”

Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Kalua Pork

Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Kalua Pork

Craig’s Kitchen: Seven-Layer Dip

Seven layers of yummy goodness. I love a good dip.  Mom’s classic French Onion Dip made with sour cream and some old-fashioned Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix was always a staple.  Something about that combination of savory onion flavor with cool, smooth sour cream on… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Seven-Layer Dip”

Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Fried Rice

No revelations here. What you’re about to read will not shock you.  It will not change your life.  But maybe it will offer a new or different way of making fried rice!  It’s a favorite of my family and I thought I would share… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Fried Rice”