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Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Kalua Pork

Many dishes in one! What a deal.  Kalua pork is ridiculously simple to make but it’s taste depends mostly on how you cook it and the ingredients you use.  This is one of my favorites to make because of its taste and utility.  Then… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Kalua Pork”

Craig’s Kitchen: Seven-Layer Dip

Seven layers of yummy goodness. I love a good dip.  Mom’s classic French Onion Dip made with sour cream and some old-fashioned Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix was always a staple.  Something about that combination of savory onion flavor with cool, smooth sour cream on… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen: Seven-Layer Dip”

Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Fried Rice

No revelations here. What you’re about to read will not shock you.  It will not change your life.  But maybe it will offer a new or different way of making fried rice!  It’s a favorite of my family and I thought I would share… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Fried Rice”

Craig’s Kitchen – Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!

Peanut butter cookies that TASTE like peanut butter cookies!

Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Ahi Poke

Poke is such a funny word for food.  If you’re not used to its pronunciation it looks like something you’d do to someone’s tummy.  But it’s actually pronounced like “okay” with a “p” in front of it.  Poke or “pokay.”  As for what it… Continue Reading “Craig’s Kitchen – Simple Ahi Poke”

Craig’s Kitchen – Spam Musubi

Spam musubi!