About Craig’s Corner

Craig’s Corner started out as a place for me to post my sermons.  I wanted to make sure our folks who missed Sunday worship or who were homebound had a way to feel connected to what we were doing in church together every week.  Plus, it gave me a chance to include video clips and images that I couldn’t include during those Sunday mornings (at the time our church did not have video capabilities).  But it has since evolved to include “bonus material” like recipes I mention in the sermon or “Top 10” listings of things I brought up or book reviews about something we are reading together.

Clockwise from left: Serving communion at BMUC; Spending time with Cassie and Emma at the Japanese Gardens in Washington; Interviewing Tiya Sircar for Star Wars Rebels; Enjoying a day at the park with family and friends

Today, my site focuses on four main topics – Faith, Family (and friends), Food, and Fun!   Food used to be a subset of Fun, but I found myself writing about it so much, I gave it it’s own category.  Each one stems from what I believe to be important in life – having a balance between Faith, Family, and Fun.  So here’s what we will talk about in each section:

Churches I have had the privilege to serve over the years I’ve been in ministry: United Japanese Christian Church (Clovis, CA); Little River Charge (Washington, GA – Mt. Zion UMC pictured here); Roswell UMC (Roswell, GA); Palm UMC (Dinuba, CA); and Berkeley Methodist United Church (Berkeley, CA)

Faith – Easily the most definable.  I will post my sermons here as well as occasional thoughts and reflections that are pertinent to what we talk about in worship and in the life of my ministry.  Craig’s Library will also be a subcategory of Faith where I will post my reviews on books about faith and leadership (for the books I read for fun, you’ll have to visit my other blog – Disney Nerds!).

First time at Avengers Campus in 2021

Family – Family is so important to me and in the family section, I’ll share things about our adventures, about who we are, and things we care about.  I’ve also been blessed to write about my passion for parenting for different websites throughout the years including Disney Dads and Babble.com, a Disney subsidiary with literally millions of readers!  I’ll share links in this section to posts I’ve written for them.

2015-01-22 - My famous ribs
Yes, I actually made these ribs from scratch!

Food – As you could probably guess, I love food.  Maybe too much.  But I’ve turned my love of food into a fun side gig and been a Yelp Elite reviewer for five years running! Feel free to friend me on Yelp (Craig Y.) and check out my reviews.  Here, I’ll share some of my foodie adventures and my own favorite recipes under Craig’s Kitchen – a subcategory of our food section.

Getting to meet Vanessa Marshall from Star Wars Rebels has been one of the highlights of my blogging adventures! Here we were in an exclusive interview on the Walt Disney Studios lot.

Fun – Life without fun can be difficult so in this section I’ll post fun stuff like my “Top 10” lists or fun places to go or great conferences to attend.  I have a passion for Disney and Disney theme parks but I write about that mostly on my Disney Nerds blog.  However, we do a Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland that is TONS of fun and you can find out more about that here!  (One day I would love to do a Faith and Family Trip to Walt Disney World).

That’s pretty much a summation of what you’ll find at Craig’s Corner.  Hopefully, you’ll find the things I write about interesting and stick around a while.  And of course, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

Disclosure: By the way, I am an Amazon Affiliate so when I provide links to Amazon.com, I do get a microfraction of funds from any sales (but only if you buy it within a certain amount of time – seriously I’m only disclosing it to be upfront with you.  I think in the first three years we’ve done it, I’ve earned a total of $3.00?). 

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