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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Hello neighbor! It didn’t matter who you were or where you lived, but everyone was a neighbor to Mr. Rogers.  When he would welcome you into his home and share his life with you, it came from a place of genuine love.  And he… Continue Reading “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Cradle to Grave

Who isn’t “pro-life?” Really.  Let’s take a look at that.  I don’t know many people who are not pro-life.  We like life.  Some of us even love it.  The closer we get to the end of it, the more we seem to treasure it. … Continue Reading “Cradle to Grave”

Until that Day

Sometimes it takes someone outside of our group to speak truth to us. If you haven’t heard of E. Stanley Jones, he was a very influential Methodist preacher and missionary, best known for his work in India.  Of his many friends was a man… Continue Reading “Until that Day”

Red State / Blue State

Since when did Christianity become synonymous with the Republican Party? In my lifetime, the most devout president was Jimmy Carter and he was a Democrat.  From Georgia no less.  He was at one time the state’s governor and got elected on a platform of… Continue Reading “Red State / Blue State”


The Land That Time Forgot That’s what they should call Tomorrowland, because it stopped being about tomorrow a long time ago.  Take for instance Autopia.  I used to love Autopia.  As a kid, it was one of the rides I always wanted to go… Continue Reading “Tomorrowland”

Stay In Love With God: The Third Rule

5.53 seconds. That’s the world record.  5.53 seconds.[1]  At my very best, I could do it in under 30 and that’s when I was in junior high. Today, I’m lucky to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 30 minutes let alone 30 seconds. But the… Continue Reading “Stay In Love With God: The Third Rule”

Do Good: The Second Rule

What goes around comes around. We LOVE justice.  At least when it happens to other people.  The idea, “What goes around comes around,” allows us to take comfort there is justice in the world.  The Japanese have a more crude way of saying the… Continue Reading “Do Good: The Second Rule”

Do No Harm: The First Rule

What does it mean to be Berkeley Methodist United Church? The church part is obvious.  We believe in Jesus Christ and in the ideas he challenges us to live up to everyday.  Ideas like mercy, forgiveness, love, justice, and compassion.  “Berkeley” because our roots… Continue Reading “Do No Harm: The First Rule”

What If?…

What if? We have probably all asked that question at some time during the last five months.  It’s natural to wonder how things might have turned out if only we had done something different.  And not just during the pandemic.  What if you went… Continue Reading “What If?…”

What Really Matters

Once upon a time, there was a preacher.[1]  A real radical, hard-line, fundamentalist type.  An adult video store was opening up in town and he was determined to stop it.  He rallied the congregation.  He preached on the sins that would come from this… Continue Reading “What Really Matters”