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There’s One Thing Lacking…

Part 3 of our sermon series on forgiveness. This time Minister Chai is offering his thoughts on receiving forgiveness and how hard it is to admit we need it in the first place.  It means admitting we are wrong. Luke 18:18-23 (NRSV)   – The…

Forgive Yourself

This week we are blessed to hear from Rev. Mike Friedrich as he delivers a message about forgiving yourself in preparation for our all church retreat. We’re in the middle of a short sermon series on “forgiveness” begun last week by Pastor Craig. Minister…

An Invasive Species

Forgiving Others

What’s Your Story?

Stories have the power to change lives

Judge Me By My Size Do You?

Size matters not

Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland 2019 – Hospitality

We’re Going to Disneyland!

Craig’s Library – When Work and Family Collide

Is your life balanced?

Who’s Cheating Who?

Family first

One Small Candle

Actions speak louder than words

The Road Not Taken

Preparation determines destination

Love Changes Everything

One act of love can change everything

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing our faith should be as easy as sharing our favorite restaurant