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Love Without End, Amen

Imagine a world where everyone knew they were loved unconditionally. In that kind of a world, many of the problems we have today would probably disappear.  Not all of them to be sure, but many of the demons that plague us would vanish.  Unconditional… Continue Reading “Love Without End, Amen”

What You Leave Behind

What is the legacy you will leave behind? There is a deep-seated need in each of us to know we matter, to know that our lives make a difference. We want to feel we contributed something to this great tapestry of life and we… Continue Reading “What You Leave Behind”

It Takes A Village

Who would make your list? One day I plan to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for my film “A Kidney Between Us” so I need to be ready to give one of those fancy acceptance speeches.  Winners only have 45 seconds… Continue Reading “It Takes A Village”

Seven Last Words

Are you open to change? Change happens whether we want it to or not. Having an open heart and open mind is the key to successfully navigating it.

Seeing Is Believing

How many of you took a shower this morning? Raise your hand if you took a shower either this morning or last night.  How many of you brushed your teeth?  How many of you put on clothes this morning?  No matter what steps you… Continue Reading “Seeing Is Believing”

Greg Suzuki Day!

Today in worship we did something different. We conducted a Celebration of Life service. Normally, a Celebration of Life is a euphemism for a memorial service, but we decided to flip the script and instead really make it a celebration of somebody’s life! In… Continue Reading “Greg Suzuki Day!”

Who Are You?

Who ARE you? I don’t know why that line from Alice in Wonderland always sticks with me, but it’s a good one to ponder.  Who ARE you?  When we are on the path to becoming clergy, we have to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. … Continue Reading “Who Are You?”

Ferris Bueller’s World

What kind of world do we live in? It would be GREAT if we all lived in a Ferris Bueller world.  Everything always works out for Ferris.  No matter how deep a hole he gets himself into, somehow he finds a way out.  If… Continue Reading “Ferris Bueller’s World”

The Bell Curve

Did you know you could go to jail for not visiting your parents? At least, you could if you lived in China.  Back in July 2013, China’s legislature passed a law that allowed the government to fine or even detain kids for neglecting their… Continue Reading “The Bell Curve”

Let It Be

Hi, ho! Kermit the Frog here. Today I’m going to tell you why YOU should be a frog.  Frogs are cool.  We help clean the water.  We eat all those bugs that bother you humans so much.  We help important scientific research (not always… Continue Reading “Let It Be”