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Coloring Outside the Lines

Open your mind to new possibilities! Embrace the creative!

Until That Day…

There are times it takes someone from the outside to point out what’s wrong. If you haven’t heard of E. Stanley Jones, he was a very influential Methodist preacher and missionary, best known for his work in India.  Of his many friends was a… Continue Reading “Until That Day…”

Are You There God? It’s Me, Craig.

Eyes open or eyes closed? When you pray, do you do it with your eyes open or closed? I think most people’s gut reaction is to say with our eyes closed.  But there are times you might pray with your eyes open.  Like when… Continue Reading “Are You There God? It’s Me, Craig.”

Genie in a Bottle

What would your three wishes be? If tomorrow you found a genie in a bottle and they granted you three wishes, what would your three wishes be?  Now, as anyone knows who has seen Disney’s Aladdin, you can’t wish for more wishes.  So barring… Continue Reading “Genie in a Bottle”

Does Prayer Work?

Maybe the problem is trying to evaluate the efficacy of prayer by human standards

Pictures on the Refrigerator

Are you a “fridge family?” Growing up we didn’t put that much up on the refrigerator.  At least not that I can remember.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom kept everything we did.  I still have this expandable folder filled with every report card… Continue Reading “Pictures on the Refrigerator”

Walk to Emmaus – A Life Changing Experience

An experience that will change you…

Sharing is Caring

Lawry’s Prime Rib is the BEST prime rib on the planet. Hands down.  And I’ve looked around.  Some places are good, some are even great, but the overall experience at Lawry’s is absolutely the best.  Now, if you want ribs, Lawry’s isn’t the place. … Continue Reading “Sharing is Caring”

First Impressions

I really didn’t know much about art. Growing up it wasn’t part of our household, that is until my French teacher, Ms. Stein introduced me to the impressionists.  Something about that style of art really spoke to me.  The colors, the stroke patterns, the… Continue Reading “First Impressions”

Top 10 Moments at BMUC

Top 10 Moments at BMUC