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The Blind Spot

Did you know you have a blind spot? I don’t mean the area of your car you can’t see in your mirrors.  I mean a literal blind spot right in front of your face.  Apparently, everyone has one in each eye.  It’s the spot… Continue Reading “The Blind Spot”

A Few Bad Apples

A few bad apples ruin the bunch. Isn’t that the truth?  You find a few and it’s easy to assume the whole bunch is like that.  We tend to define people by the lowest common denominator.  Instead of looking to the best and the… Continue Reading “A Few Bad Apples”

He or Me

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a prince who was sheltered all his life from the outside world.  His father the King sought to protect him from the suffering and pain he might encounter, hoping that would be… Continue Reading “He or Me”

The Lasting Power of Casserole

Part 4 of our 4-part exploration of the Apostles’ Creed based on Adam Hamilton’s book Creed.  We are talking each week about the fundamentals of our faith and this week we are considering what it means to say we believe in the church. What… Continue Reading “The Lasting Power of Casserole”

The Force Is Strong With This One

Who is The Last Jedi? That question is going to be bugging me all the way until December. The title of the new Star Wars movie is called Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So the question of course is, who is the last Jedi?… Continue Reading “The Force Is Strong With This One”

The Peanuts of Our Faith

Part 2 of our sermon series based on Adam Hamilton’s book Creed. Our series seeks to explore the fundamentals of our beliefs as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed.  Today we’re talking about Jesus, the most essential component of the Christian faith.  Do you remember… Continue Reading “The Peanuts of Our Faith”

I Believe In Quarks

This is part 1 of our sermon series exploring the creeds of the United Methodist Church based on Adam Hamilton’s exploration of it in his new book Creed.  We begin by exploring the first fundamental tenet of our faith – belief in God. I… Continue Reading “I Believe In Quarks”

Gold, Silver, Bronze

I don’t know if there should be a winner if the difference in a race is less than a second. I’ve been watching the Olympics for the past two weeks – and thanks to the invention of the DVR, I’m STILL watching the Olympics… Continue Reading “Gold, Silver, Bronze”

Craig’s Library – Making Sense of the Bible Makes a Lot of Sense (book review)

Adam Hamilton is turning out to be one of the clearest voices for compassion and reason within the church today.  He often tackles tough subjects with aplomb and sensitivity.  In his book, Making Sense of the Bible, Hamilton helps us look at the Bible… Continue Reading “Craig’s Library – Making Sense of the Bible Makes a Lot of Sense (book review)”

Help Wanted!

“I know I’m about to win! I’m just so close!” In the back of mind I can still hear myself saying those words as my friends Lance, Gene, Murali, and Rich dragged me away from the poker machines in Tahoe. It was the first… Continue Reading “Help Wanted!”