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Craig’s Library – Is Your Church Truly Welcoming?

How welcoming are you really?

Craig’s Library – When Work and Family Collide

Is your life balanced?

Don’t Buy This Book! – The Stream by James Robison

As a blogger and reviewer, I sometimes get books sent to me for review or as a gift in the hopes that I will recommend it to someone else.  I received The Stream by James Robison in the mail and I cannot stress strongly…

Craig’s Library – Making Sense of the Bible Makes a Lot of Sense (book review)

Adam Hamilton is turning out to be one of the clearest voices for compassion and reason within the church today.  He often tackles tough subjects with aplomb and sensitivity.  In his book, Making Sense of the Bible, Hamilton helps us look at the Bible…

Craig’s Library – What Half Truths Do You Believe In? (book review)

“God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “God helps those who help themselves.” Have you ever heard these sayings?  Perhaps you’ve said them yourself.  If you have I understand.  They sound thoughtful, insightful, or inspirational – but…