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Joined at the Kidney, Part 2

I woke up and suddenly I had a new kidney. Feels like I skipped some vital parts of the story, right? But that’s the difference between one day and the next. One day, you’re functioning at about 9% and the next, you have a… Continue Reading “Joined at the Kidney, Part 2”

Joined at the Kidney, Part 1

I named it Three. Cassie’s kidney now lives inside of me and I decided to name it Three. Three is such a powerful number. Three is the number of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three makes a family. And of… Continue Reading “Joined at the Kidney, Part 1”

Keto Craig’s Continuing Chronicles

We’re a match! I’ve always known Cassie and I were a match, but now I have biological proof. Our blood typing test came back positive. We are compatible for the kidney transplant! *BIG CELEBRATORY SOUNDS* But now what? Cassie is onto the next phase… Continue Reading “Keto Craig’s Continuing Chronicles”

Keto Craig’s Campaign Continues

The journey to 236 is on the way… My keto journey started on November 4, 2021. I remember the date clearly because I had gone on a carb binge the week before, wanting one last taste of those things I love before giving them… Continue Reading “Keto Craig’s Campaign Continues”