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The Land That Time Forgot That’s what they should call Tomorrowland, because it stopped being about tomorrow a long time ago.  Take for instance Autopia.  I used to love Autopia.  As a kid, it was one of the rides I always wanted to go… Continue Reading “Tomorrowland”

The Flaw In Our Gospel

Jyn Erso died so that the Rebellion might live. Jyn’s tale of sacrifice and redemption is powerful. The plans she sacrifices her life to get were transferred to the Tantive IV where the diplomatic envoy on board could use their ties to Alderaan to… Continue Reading “The Flaw In Our Gospel”

FAQ for Faith and Family Trip 2019

Faith and Family FAQ

The Happiness Factor

What is the key to success? People all over the world are trying to figure that out. Apparently most of them never do. Eighty percent of businesses fail in the first 18 months according to Bloomberg.[1] Churches do better, but still after only four… Continue Reading “The Happiness Factor”

The One Millionth Question

What would you do if someone asked you the same question 100 times? Literally. The same question. 100 times. What would you do? Would you be a bit snarky? Would you be kind of sarcastic? Would you act frustrated? And what if it happened… Continue Reading “The One Millionth Question”

Disney California Adventure – Adapt or Die!

To all who come to this happy place – welcome!  This is the beginning of our 3-part The Disney Sermons series. Our church goes on an annual trip to Disneyland where we explore faith in the world (and have lots of fun doing it). … Continue Reading “Disney California Adventure – Adapt or Die!”

Teacups of My Youth

Do you ever wish you could go back to a time when you were younger? Is there something you miss doing as you’ve gotten older? It doesn’t even have to be something big or stupendous, but do you ever wish things were like they… Continue Reading “Teacups of My Youth”

Service With a Smile – The Disney Way

Walt Disney once said that the kind of people who should be employed by his company would be “people who give, who like to bring delight to other people, and therefore gain pleasure and satisfaction for themselves.”  Disney knew that the key to good… Continue Reading “Service With a Smile – The Disney Way”