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Communion 2.0

All are welcome at Christ’s table – unless you have Celiac disease. Holy Communion is one of the most important rites and rituals of the church.  Since the church was established, we have hearkened back to the Last Supper through this important sacrament –… Continue Reading “Communion 2.0”

Tabula Rasa

What was it like your first time? Doesn’t matter what it was.  Your first kiss.  Your first award.  Your first time riding a roller coaster.  What was it like?  Hopefully, it was a great experience.  Sometimes it’s not.  But our first time experiencing anything… Continue Reading “Tabula Rasa”

Be The Change

Self-fulfilling prophecies can be deadly. If you haven’t heard the term before, A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief or expectation that an individual holds about a future event that manifests because the individual holds it.[1]  It’s scary, but sometimes we create our own reality. … Continue Reading “Be The Change”