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Do Good: The Second Rule

What goes around comes around. We LOVE justice.  At least when it happens to other people.  The idea, “What goes around comes around,” allows us to take comfort there is justice in the world.  The Japanese have a more crude way of saying the… Continue Reading “Do Good: The Second Rule”

Do No Harm: The First Rule

What does it mean to be Berkeley Methodist United Church? The church part is obvious.  We believe in Jesus Christ and in the ideas he challenges us to live up to everyday.  Ideas like mercy, forgiveness, love, justice, and compassion.  “Berkeley” because our roots… Continue Reading “Do No Harm: The First Rule”

Do No Harm – The First Rule

Part 1 of our 3-part series based on the book Three Simple Rules by Bishop Job. I hope you enjoy. This morning we’ll start with our Scripture reading and I’ll just have to hope you don’t fall asleep. If you have your Bibles or… Continue Reading “Do No Harm – The First Rule”