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The Other America

I’d like to say I am free of bias, but that wouldn’t be completely honest. I am a Bruin through and through and if you love UCLA, there is one school you do NOT love – USC also known as the University of Second… Continue Reading “The Other America”


What makes us Christians? For those of us who say that we’re Christians, what is it that defines us as a people?  Certain things about ourselves are determined for us.  Things like our birth parents, our ethnicity, our skin color, the shape of our… Continue Reading “Reflections”

Hello. My Name is Jesus

It was the nametag. The first time I put on my nametag was when it hit me – I had a job at the Happiest Place on Earth!  Up until then, the reality of it all didn’t quite sink in.  To be sure, I… Continue Reading “Hello. My Name is Jesus”

Fishing With Dad

What do you like doing with your dad? Growing up, fishing was our thing.  He would take me fishing a lot.  It was our father-son time together.  When I was little we did mostly lake fishing, but as I got older, he would take… Continue Reading “Fishing With Dad”

1 Vs. 99

  When it comes to Emma, some might say I’m a little overprotective. Now I’ve seen helicopter parents and I’m not quite there, but to say I’m…cautious would be fair.  It’s also possible I’ve seen the movie Taken just one too many times.  I’ve… Continue Reading “1 Vs. 99”