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As You Wish

Love is about mutual submission and speaking each other’s love language

As You Wish

Three simple words that mean so much more.  In the film, The Princess Bride, Westley starts out as a farm boy working for Buttercup’s family and those three words were all he ever said to Buttercup.  “As you wish.”  She would ask him to… Continue Reading “As You Wish”

Life Is Pain…

Anyone who says differently is selling something. The Dread Pirate Roberts shared that pearl of wisdom in The Princess Bride and it’s a reality we don’t always like to face.  Pain is a part of life.  That doesn’t mean life isn’t good overall or… Continue Reading “Life Is Pain…”


“Inconceivable!” “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  If you’re a fan of The Princess Bride, you already know what we’re talking about, but for those of you who missed this gem of a movie… Continue Reading “Inconceivable!”