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The 12th Day of Christmas

Christmas is not what you think it is. Everyone, whether they are religious or not, knows December 25th is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Except he likely wasn’t born then.  I’ve heard two different theories about why that date was picked, but… Continue Reading “The 12th Day of Christmas”

Hello. My Name is Jesus

It was the nametag. The first time I put on my nametag was when it hit me – I had a job at the Happiest Place on Earth!  Up until then, the reality of it all didn’t quite sink in.  To be sure, I… Continue Reading “Hello. My Name is Jesus”

The Unreliable Bible

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Those iconic words have become part of Star Wars lore as much as Darth Vader’s breathing.  When you see them come up on the screen, you are instantly transported to another time and place. … Continue Reading “The Unreliable Bible”

Where Do Babies Come From?

Where do babies come from? Depending on when you asked that question you probably got a different answer.  Parents have been answering that question in different ways since time began.  There’s the stork story, the cabbage patch story, the story of the birds and… Continue Reading “Where Do Babies Come From?”

The Truth Is Out There

Chocolate is good for you. Before we found out that chocolate was good for you, it was just a sin we lived with because we liked it so much. So when studies came out saying it provided real health benefits, it gave us every… Continue Reading “The Truth Is Out There”

Atheists Are People, Too

What difference has Christ made in your life? How do you see God at work in the world?  It seems more than ever we are living in an age of disbelief and distrust.  With over 250,000 deaths in the United States alone there are… Continue Reading “Atheists Are People, Too”

Humble Pie

A Thanksgiving unlike any other… How many times have we said that this year… about EVERYTHING?!  Easter, July 4th, Halloween, and now Thanksgiving.  It will seem strange to be without family around the table, but it’s for the best.  With so many cases of… Continue Reading “Humble Pie”

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Do dogs go to Heaven when they die? My oldest daughter, Eve asked me this question on our way to the bus stop one morning. She was about 7 or 8 years old at the time and we were living in Georgia.  I was… Continue Reading “Do Dogs Go to Heaven?”

More Than Chicken Soup

Being sick is miserable. But I have to tell you, some of the moments I’ve felt the most loved are when I’ve been laid up in bed with a fever.  When you’re sick, people are just nicer to you overall.  They help you out… Continue Reading “More Than Chicken Soup”

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Hello neighbor! It didn’t matter who you were or where you lived, but everyone was a neighbor to Mr. Rogers.  When he would welcome you into his home and share his life with you, it came from a place of genuine love.  And he… Continue Reading “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”