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Let It Be

Hi, ho! Kermit the Frog here. Today I’m going to tell you why YOU should be a frog.  Frogs are cool.  We help clean the water.  We eat all those bugs that bother you humans so much.  We help important scientific research (not always… Continue Reading “Let It Be”

Good Men Do Nothing

Eighty years have passed. Eight years since President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, an order that would send to concentration camps nearly 120,000 innocent civilians out of fear and ignorance.  That order would wreak havoc on the lives of those people, forcing them to… Continue Reading “Good Men Do Nothing”

As You Wish

Three simple words that mean so much more.  In the film, The Princess Bride, Westley starts out as a farm boy working for Buttercup’s family and those three words were all he ever said to Buttercup.  “As you wish.”  She would ask him to… Continue Reading “As You Wish”

Life Is Pain…

Anyone who says differently is selling something. The Dread Pirate Roberts shared that pearl of wisdom in The Princess Bride and it’s a reality we don’t always like to face.  Pain is a part of life.  That doesn’t mean life isn’t good overall or… Continue Reading “Life Is Pain…”


“Inconceivable!” “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  If you’re a fan of The Princess Bride, you already know what we’re talking about, but for those of you who missed this gem of a movie… Continue Reading “Inconceivable!”

Slingshot 2.0

Normal is overrated. Do things differently.

Being Christian in a Secular World

Every year, Cassie has given the message in worship the Sunday following Christmas. Not only is this an awesome Christmas gift to me, but a wonderful opportunity to show the congregation that we are all messengers of Christ with our own stories to tell.… Continue Reading “Being Christian in a Secular World”

The Other America

I’d like to say I am free of bias, but that wouldn’t be completely honest. I am a Bruin through and through and if you love UCLA, there is one school you do NOT love – USC also known as the University of Second… Continue Reading “The Other America”

Escaping the Death Star

Han Solo started to celebrate a little early. After escaping the Death Star, he felt pretty proud of himself.  Sure, he lost the old man, but considering they just escaped from a fortress the size of a small moon (“That’s no moon…that’s a space… Continue Reading “Escaping the Death Star”


What makes us Christians? For those of us who say that we’re Christians, what is it that defines us as a people?  Certain things about ourselves are determined for us.  Things like our birth parents, our ethnicity, our skin color, the shape of our… Continue Reading “Reflections”