Tag: Advent

A Reason to Believe

What difference has Jesus made in your life? How do you see God at work in the world?  If you’re a Christian, there’s a reason you believe Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  You didn’t just come up with it out of nowhere.  And… Continue Reading “A Reason to Believe”

Are We There Yet?

Waiting for anything is tough. But CHRISTMAS waiting has got to be the hardest of all. My mom had a hard and fast rule about NOT getting up before 10am on Christmas morning. When you’re a kid and all of Santa’s presents are just… Continue Reading “Are We There Yet?”

The Year of Jubilee

Extraordinary kindness. Love.  Generosity.  There are people in your life who go above and beyond what’s expected.  People who impact you in an extraordinary way.  I feel blessed to have more than my fair share of people like that in my life.  My friend… Continue Reading “The Year of Jubilee”

The Rice of Life

What does Jesus look like to you? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Jesus was sitting next to you in the pews.  What would he look like?  Think about the color of his eyes, the color of his hair, the color of… Continue Reading “The Rice of Life”

No Room at the Inn

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 And everyone went to their own town to register. 4 So Joseph… Continue Reading “No Room at the Inn”

Clothes Make the Man

“Clothes make the man.” You’ve probably heard that saying before.  Clothes are a status symbol in our society.  The shoes on your feet, the clothes on your back, the watch on your wrist all seem to MATTER.  At least to some.  Your clothes say… Continue Reading “Clothes Make the Man”