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Don’t Tell – Giving UP Anonymity

Two people: One you know and one you probably don’t. Frank Lloyd Wright is a world famous architect whose works have been touted as being genius.  Even non-architects like myself have heard of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright who designed the Guggenheim Museum along… Continue Reading “Don’t Tell – Giving UP Anonymity”

The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Money

Hoarding is scary. At least for me.  I teased my parents about being “hoarders” when I was in college because they used to have lots of stuff around the house, but after watching different shows about the condition called disposophobia or compulsive hoarding, my… Continue Reading “The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Money”

The Long Game – Giving UP Giving

Let me share with you the true story of a guy named Sampson. Sampson wanted to be the “Clinton of Illinois” and set his sights on winning a Senate seat.  No one thought him a likely candidate.  But he had a lot of determination. … Continue Reading “The Long Game – Giving UP Giving”