Tag: Giving UP

Let It Go!: Giving UP Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t just what we should do for others, but what God wants us to do for ourselves

Don’t Tell! – Giving UP Anonymity

Two people: One you know and one you probably don’t. Frank Lloyd Wright is a world-famous architect whose works have been touted as being genius.  Even non-architects like myself have heard of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright who designed the Guggenheim Museum along with… Continue Reading “Don’t Tell! – Giving UP Anonymity”

The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Things

How much STUFF can a person have? I teased my parents about being “hoarders” when I was in college because they used to have lots of stuff around the house.  At one point, my dad had a whole box of Dennison’s chili in his… Continue Reading “The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Things”

The Long Game – Giving UP Giving

When we give out of selflessness, we gain far more

Plus It! – Giving UP Lent

Lou Green isn’t a household name, but his creation is. Back in 1962, Lou was the owner of a little fast food place in Cincinnati, Ohio and he was struggling with sales every Friday.  Business got to be so bad that he was making… Continue Reading “Plus It! – Giving UP Lent”