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What If?…

What if? We have probably all asked that question at some time during the last five months.  It’s natural to wonder how things might have turned out if only we had done something different.  And not just during the pandemic.  What if you went… Continue Reading “What If?…”

Line Item Giving

If you love God, raise your hand. Nobody’s watching but the millions of people on Facebook, so go ahead.  If you love God, raise your hand.  Now, raise it a bit higher.  REALLY show the world that you love God!  So, why didn’t you… Continue Reading “Line Item Giving”

The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Money

Hoarding is scary. At least for me.  I teased my parents about being “hoarders” when I was in college because they used to have lots of stuff around the house, but after watching different shows about the condition called disposophobia or compulsive hoarding, my… Continue Reading “The Wall of STUFF – Giving UP Money”

The Long Game – Giving UP Giving

Let me share with you the true story of a guy named Sampson. Sampson wanted to be the “Clinton of Illinois” and set his sights on winning a Senate seat.  No one thought him a likely candidate.  But he had a lot of determination. … Continue Reading “The Long Game – Giving UP Giving”

Why Give?

Is greed good? The short answer is no. The long answer is also…no. Taken out of context that speech from the movie Wall Street seems to make sense. It even sounds daring and avant garde. “Greed is good.” But the truth is greed isn’t… Continue Reading “Why Give?”